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UML® 2 and Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for Managers

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Course overview

The transition from a traditional development approach to a model-based approach is not always easy or obvious. In the span of 2,5 days you learn the advantages, principles, and practices of ving to a model-driven architecture (MDA) development environment.  This environment offers improved quality and productivity, reduced time to market, improved  reusabilty, and lowers the cost of development. This course introduces the fundamentals of Unified Modeling Language 2 (UML), and the MDA approach to development. Based on what you learn, you can effectively introduce and use these technologies in your organization.


Course audience

This course is of great value to anyone involved in the specification, analysis and/or design of model-based systems.

This includes:

  • Project Managers
  • Technical Leads
  • System Administrators


  • Describe the benefits of UML and MDA
  • Identify the basic elements of the UML
  • Determine how to implement a process for realizing the MDA in your projects
  • Schedule, estimate, and manage UML and MDA projects

DURATION : 3 days